We are a fast-growing marketing communications agency, based in Dubai, UAE, with a wide client base in the Middle East region. At Quill Communications, we design, develop and execute communications solutions for our clients, adhering to the highest creative and quality standards. Advertising, Public Relations, Brand Imaging, Marketing Services, Digital Services and Event Management are our core strengths. This is translated to our clients with the help of our passionate, dedicated team of sharp individuals which packs years of diverse, collective experience in the industry.

A result-driven approach, with an emphasis on creativity and an inventive thought process, is what sets Quill apart from the rest. We practice the ethical thumb rules of modern-day mass communication, but not without adding a unique, contemporary signature of everything we at Quill Communications create. Swift, innovative, and generating the highest quality of services, Quill Communications is the ideal hub for communications solutions in a market driven by the future.


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